US Steel Homestead Works


Rankin, PA.


I got the chance to go to the Carrie blast furnaces, which are pretty much all thats left of US Steel’s Homestead works in Pittsburgh. Same mill my dad hauled his second load of steel out of. I went with the guys from http://acousticarchives.com/ They documented the acoustics in different parts of the mill, and let me do the same with my camera. This video shows the same beat which changes from room to room as if it was recorded in the cast house, in a hot metal rail car or under the highline etc etc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw2N1tKJGKA pretty damn cool plus historically significant. If the mill wasnt deafeningly loud when it ran thats how the guys voices would have echoed. Glad I got to be a part of this.

Iron City Brewing Co.

Pittsburgh, PA. A can of "Steel Valley Beer" I found in the original Lawrenceville plant, which dated back to the 1860s. They were tearing down parts of the brewery, as Iron City was bought out and being brewed in Latrobe. Even thought we all know where the real Steel Valley is (cough YOUNGSTOWN cough), I like the bust of Joe Magarac on the can. You know, the steelworker's Paul Bunyon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Magarac

“Steel Valley Beer” Iron City Beer Brewery. Pittsburgh, PA.